Volunteer/Donation Opportunities-- Campaigns cost money to be competitive.

Volunteers make the difference in competitive campaigns! How can you help us make a difference in November? Phoning potential voters, door knocking in your neighborhood, literature dropping, registering voters, letter writing, researching, and preparing food for other volunteers will be needed.  If you'd like to help, please email us at rtousley53@gmail.com

and let us know how/what you'd like to do and how we can reach you. 

We're asking for a small amount from many, rather than a lot from a few. Our campaign is about empowering all members of our communities. Paypal has preset  $-amount boxes, and if you can give one of those amounts that would be great. But we all know how the power of $27 can help, too! Your donation(s) will make a difference. Please understand ANY donation you can offer will help.  :) 

 Thank you for your support! 

 Donate Here!

OR- You may mail your donation to:


P.O. Box 1773

Lewiston, ID 83501