Rick's Bio

Rick Tousley


  • Raised by an aunt and uncle in a small apartment in California, I left home to attend Utah State and graduated three years later. I started teaching elementary school that year and worked in Utah, Wyoming, and Idaho teaching elementary and junior high social studies for most of the next 39 years. I taught 18 years in Kamiah, Idaho, near where my wife Cheryl (also a teacher) and I raised our family in a farmhouse overlooking the Middlefork of the Clearwater River. We moved to Lewiston in 2009, finishing our careers in Moscow, Idaho. Our three children live within an hour of us, and they work hard to make the Lewis Clark Valley a good place for their families.
  • As a teacher, I kept my personal politics at a pretty low profile. As a retired person, I have really enjoyed not having to walk so softly. I usually vote Democrat, but I never think any one person or political party has all the answers, though I found the down-to-earth, lunchbox philosophy of Bernie Sanders more in line with my own concerns. I was elected to go as a delegate to cast Idaho’s caucus votes for Sanders at the National Convention in Philadelphia in 2016, where I learned much and yearned for more…greater equality in representation for all. 
  • I joined the Lewiston Planning and Zoning Commission this year. I look at my grandsons and wish for them a future with more promise for living wages, easier repayment of student debt, affordable housing and healthcare, safe schools, and economic security.